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Welcome to our website page for Jewish Single.  Here, you’ll find many specialty cruises.  Of course there are lots of “regular” cruises where the passenger list ranges from family reunions, couples, families, special interest groups and everyone else.  There is an advantage to choosing a specially tailored cruise, such as one for Jewish singles, because all of the usual fun and active things to do on a passenger liner are there, along with a lot of extras.  How much more fun is it to participate in any activity, along with others who share your beliefs or way of life?  There is always someone you can slip into a conversation with rather easily, no matter what you’re doing at that particular moment.  It could be at dinner (kosher food of course), relaxing on deck, shopping, or on one of the many shore excursions that are available.



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Cruising has a big advantage in that as well as a good life while you are on board, you get to visit great locations such as Israel, along with all of the history and museums in the area.  On board your ship there will be lectures, music events, social gatherings where you can meet other Jewish singles in informal settings, and the possibility of romantic nights lying ahead, especially on a longer cruise.  Even if it was a film plot that someone wrote, leaning on the railing next to someone you are growing fond of at night, seeing the silvery water, dark and deep, flow by as the ship slices through it, that is enough to send shivers up your body when you think about it.  Shipboard life is a vastly different thing than being on land.

Kosherica Glatt Kosher cruise is a speciality cruise designed for Jewish travel it is actually at the same time an opportunity to expand one’s perspectives. The smorgasbord of shore excursions can be found on each and every cruise. In addition to meeting people from around the globe, guests can discover exotic locales by way of activities that may take the group scuba diving where you would swim with dolphins, take a helicopter over a volcano or marvelling at glaciers. Or even if that sounds too strenuous they can spend shore duration bicycling along a stunning shoreline, discovering rain forests, looking in duty-free stores or relaxing on and around on the beach.  The off ship tours for singles are in abundance.

If you want to kickback and relax, then that’s always an option, too.  Movies at night, food at any hour, great breakfasts waiting for you in the morning, pulling into a port and watching the sparkling white buildings grow larger and larger, and seeing the dockworkers tie down your boat, this is all an adventure unto itself.  And the souvenirs — whatever you can think up is out there.  Local crafts can be found close to port or in the many village and city shops.  A souvenir picked up on a romantic cruise is much treasured, because you put it on your table at home and then remember the things you did on the cruise, for years to come.

One of the things you’ll be doing most on your Jewish singles cruise, or any other cruise for that matter, is laugh a lot and have a great deal of fun.  Everyone on board a ship and enjoying a cruise become bonded at times, and the way of life is easy to slip right into.  The gentle rocking of the large ship is relaxing, as well as the sound of the water.  You will always sleep well at night when you’re in your cabin, lying on fresh sheets and listening to the night slip by.  There is so much to do, or not, on a ship and on shore, that there will be no need for anything other than a simple goodnight to your shipmates before you lay on your bed in your cabin and fall off to sleep in no time at all.

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