Cruises for Singles – Girl to Girl Advice


There is a lot to get excited about going on cruises for singles whether you are going it alone so so empowering to do what you want and when you want to do it to the girl doing a little bit of healing from a broken relationship and just want to chill out a bit and get a bit of YOU time factored in.

Or you may be going away with a group of your besties and preparing for a wild time with no sleep, plenty of laughing, cocktails galore as well as dancing and a whole lot of talking!

Honestly, you will have the time of your life on board. I have seen many groups of women travelling together some dressed in the same branding t-shirts that identified their company, or the hen’s night having the last taste of freedom.

I for one have done all of the above experiences but have been on cruises where I just wanted to relax with a book spend some me time and recharge.

Social media is great to meet before you sail off

What I love about social media is that it makes it easier for you to reach out to those that will also be sailing on the same cruise ship to get to know them first by checking on shipping forums this way its a great ice breaker before you get on board.

It will also allow you to look on other social media platforms that they are on so you can see if they have other interests that you might want to jot down for other conversations at a later date.

Girl to Girl Advice – Safety in Numbers

Its so easy once you jump on board cruises for singles to leave your cares behind and turn on the party mode, but just be careful and look after each other.

I know it sounds like a Mother thing but I remember not too many years back where a young woman was recently divorced and went with a friend on board a cruise to leave her middle class ways behind after so many years of being married she was really primed to let loose on this new experience of being newly “single” and had already decided before she left the dock in Sydney that this was going to be the start of the new beginning and she was going embrace  new experiences.

Now on board the cruise ship she was settling into the party mode she and her friend met a group of 2-3 men that were also up for a good time and the woman and her friend drank drinks for a good part of the night and at some point the newly divorced woman was introduced to a party drug that stupefied her letting her lose all of her inhibitions and had her behave in a way that was out of character.

Her friend asked her if she was ok and was told she was and kissed her friend good night then left to retire looking back over her shoulder said that she would see her friend in the am.
This was the last time she saw her friend alive it seems that her friend was coaxed back to the men’s cabin that they all shared and had performed sex acts and had photographs taken of her stripped naked. She was found dead on the cabin floor in the am.

Just want you to have a great time.

Have a ton of fun and do as little or as much as you want if going out at night just to be safe and not leave your friends on their own with strangers. Its something you would not do at home so look after each other.

At the end of the day I want you to have the cruise experience that you have wanted and to meet as many people that have the same or similar interests thus making cruises for singles a trip that you will want to return on time and time again.