Cruises for Singles, Cruise Holiday for over 50 and Seniors


Cruises for Singles

Cruising for singles was once thought to be something enjoyed amongst the younger set but in today’s modern world that’s just not the case any longer. Cruise lines everywhere are stepping up and answering the call of more senior singles everywhere – and believe me, there are a lot more than you think! In fact, a recent study showed that the over forty set make up a big chunk of the unmarried sector in the world.

So if you have been thinking of taking a cruise but just aren’t sure that you’ll “fit in”- take heart .  you are right at home. You don’t have to worry about being the only forty-something or even sixty-something on the ship.

I guarantee you – you are in good company! Best of all, you won’t have to worry about stepping aboard a ship that won’t fit your style – or cramp it if you are more uninhibited. Cruise ships are stepping up to the plate now more than ever before and catering to the needs of each individual guest to better suit their own personal lifestyle.

Singles of all ages mix

Singles of all ages mix

Cruising for singles over 40 Cruises for singles over 40 can prove to be the most rewarding. Why? Because unlike younger singles, the forty something single knows exactly what they want in a partner. This is often why the most successful cruise ships that set sail in search of love are for the more mature set. Your chances of finding someone that really compliments your personality and fits perfectly into your lifestyle are so much greater after forty.

Cruising for singles over 50 Cruising for over 50  singles promises to bring lots of fun and adventure! Because some people are more reserved than others cruise lines offer plenty of activities to suit every person’s personal needs. Many cruise lines even offer separate trips to better serve customers of like minds. For instance, some cruise lines might offer a more reserved trip for those who are looking for long time love and then turn around and offer a separate cruise the next week for those who are more uninhibited.

Cruises can be active or inactive
Cruises can be active or inactive

Cruising for singles seniors Many seniors are surprised to find that there are cruise trips dedicated especially to seniors singles needs and desires. And don’t mistake the senior ship for a snooze fest either  . . . from dancing until dawn to simple dinner by the fire, cruising for single seniors trips offer just as much variety as those for younger singles! Best of all, they can be just as fun if not more fun as those for younger singles!

When it comes to senior singles cruises, variety is the key element. Because the trend has grown to such popular bounds cruise lines are offering more and more variety each and every year. From shopping and dining to dancing and romancing, cruising for singles offers a little something for everyone. Make the trip extra fun by bringing along a few friends or take a solo trip to freedom by going it alone you never know what will come of a trip on the Love Boat!

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