Cruise the Rivers of Europe

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cruise the Rivers of EuropeWhy not cruise the rivers of Europe along the Rhine and experience some of the most spectacular scenery and castles you’ll ever see?  River cruising is more intimate than ocean cruising, because one thing is for certain — you aren’t one of several thousand people on board!

If you feel like you want to relax, take in some glorious sightseeing and shopping, and eating, then a river cruise is an absolute must.  Besides, there are no giant waves or hurricanes or other weather extremes, or crowds of people thronging various shops on shore, when you cruise leisurely down a river in old Europe.


Cruise the River of Europe – very popular choice

Rhine cruises are some of the most popular amongst Europe’s many cruises.  You can also link up to other rivers in Austria, the Netherlands, and Hungary because the Rhine is  a huge waterway.  You may stop off in the Basel, which is a city in Switzerland.  This is often the terminus for Rhine cruises.  Here you’ll find museums, gabled houses, and Anne Frank’s wartime house.  Cologne has incredible Gothic cathedrals as well as many restaurants, wine gardens and shops.  Watch out for Lorelei Rock where a siren lured sailors to a watery grave!

Cruise the river of Europe destinations:

In France, a cruise the river of Europe along the lovely Rhone River will relax you as you gaze at the Provence region and visit Lyon.  This city is the hub of France’s restaurant center and holds many gourmet delights.  They also have Roman ruins to explore, as well as a medieval old town. Tournon and Tain L’Hermitage are on opposite sides of the Rhone, and here you can pause and sip some of the famous Cote du Rone wine.  Trips on these river cruises are easy to finance, because transportation, meals, sightseeing and accommodation are all included.

cruise the Rivers of EuropeYou can visit the legendary Burgundy region of France as you cruise along the Saone River.  This area has famous wines and enchanting little towns for you to explore and enjoy.

Rhone cruises may combine with this one because the river flows through Provence.  Beaune is a stop on this cruise and this town has many famous Burgundy wines.  In Macon you can visit a 15th century former charity hospital as well as wine cellars and Roman ruins further along the river.  Structures here in the area are incredibly beautiful and very old.

Of course, the Seine River runs through France and it’s on this cruise that you can explore Northwest France.  You’ll travel between the Normandy Coast and Paris, City of Lights.  In this world class and famous city, you could tour the Arch de Triumph, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Champs-Elysees.  Beyond Paris you may visit Claude Monet’s home, check out the cathedral in Rouen, and see where the allies landed at Normandy during WWII.  Normandy specializes in apple brandy, Camembert cheese and apple cider.  I hope now that you are now ready to cruise the Rivers of Europe for a once in a lifetime experience!


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