Cruise Holidays for Singles


Cruise Holidays for Singles

Welcome to our website holidays for singles.  Here you’ll be able find a fantastic assortment of single holidays cruises, where you’ll meet and greet, and enjoy the company of other people who share some of your interests.  If you are single and a little starved for company some of the time, then a singles holidays cruise may be just the ticket.   Of course it’s fantastic to be single but humans are social animals.  A great party or outing on your cruise ship can lead to some lifelong friendships.  Cruising is the one stop shop of vacations, because your food and lodging and on board entertainment are all in one beautiful place.  The most modern passenger ships are stunning with their gardens, fountains, food courts and shopping malls.  Entertainment possibilities will seem endless.

Exotic holidays for singles in a faraway and tropical location sound good?  The Caribbean is a popular location for warm and scented tropical nights under the stars.  If you love nightlife then either on board or at an exotic holiday location, there will be plenty of opportunities to gamble and enjoy a lovely cocktail.  If you like sports there

is windsurfing and kayaking and many other fantastic ways to have fun.  The South Pacific also provides great getaways, as do seaside locations in Asia, Africa, the Mediterranean and many others.


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Alaska cruises are a wonderful way to enjoy the gorgeous and serene landscape as it passes by while you watch from the deck.  What could be more romantic, if you meet someone on board, than watching the Northern Lights together?  The fjords of Alaska are stunning as are the icebergs and their history.  There are plenty of places to mingle (or enjoy a quiet spot, too) on board a luxury cruise ship if it’s cold outside.  And the food… What about Alaskan King Crab or gorgeous fruits or ice sculptures that rival any in the finest restaurants?

Cruise your way to interesting locations along with other holidays for singles.  Cruising has become extremely popular again because it is an all in one and extremely enjoyable, relaxing way to take a singles holiday.  With a cruise expressly geared for singles you’ll be assured that there will be plenty of things to do and see along with your peers.  There’s also the chance to catch up on nap time, or read a book, or just plain goof off.

Adventure travel is the hot thing right now and most singles are really eager to find and try out new adventures.  Costa Rica has zipline tours when you land at port, plus lots of great shopping, and what about an eco-tour to the Galapagos islands?  Just about anything you want to see or try, a cruise will have it as part of their package.

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