Cruise – Free Drinks


Cruise – Free Drinks

Big ships are a great place to have a cocktail, or two, as you do not have to worry about driving to your next destination. The problem may arise when it’s time to sign your booze bill. Many cruises strive to create a relaxing atmosphere, and even someone whom only has an adult beverage, “once in a while”, may indulge in a few fancy frozen drinks while they soak up the sun, pool side. The fact that no cash exchanges hands makes it very easy to over indulge.

Today, we have a few tips to enjoy drinks for free, while onboard a luxury cruise liner.

If you are a regular “cruiser”, many ships (including the Holland America) appreciate past customers, and invite them to a special, complimentary champagne brunch. The Royal Caribbean will open the bar for regular repeat customers, as a “thank you” for their loyalty.

Attend any and all parties you can, to get a free drink (or two). For instance, Disney Cruise lines, offers a formal cocktail party, which is open all cruise line passengers. There are other types of onboard parties, such as a “farewell” party, that happens as the ship pulls out of port. But you need to keep your ears and eyes open, and ask around, as these free drink options are not well advertised (if they were – then everyone would drink for FREE).

Some ships have an art auction on board, and whether you bid, win, and buy or just “browse”, grab a glass of wine, because it is free, as you enjoy the local artwork.

BOGO (buy one – get one) specials are usually advertised in the daily cruise newsletter, informing you of time and location of the next “two for one” drink offers. This is a great way to get more for your money. “Happy Hours” can be found throughout the cruise, and they also offer great drink specials to save you some cash.

Unlike land-based casinos, drinks do not freely flow if you are simply sitting at the craps table or in front of a slot machine. Many cruise ships require you to formally sign up for their exclusive “players club”, to receive great bonuses, and eventually accumulate enough points to be traded in for a “drink card”, which will entitle you to free drinks, as you are playing a hand of poker or blackjack.

Book a suite or get yourself upgraded to luxury, as liquor usually is free to guests that prefer a higher quality of service.