Contiki Tours Europe

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Contiki Tours Europe

Contiki Tours Europe Contiki tours Europe has been in operation since 1962, so they have decades of experience catering to the eighteen to thirty-five year old traveler. Started by a New Zealander who arrived in Europe alone, he had the bright idea of renting a mini-van and then touring around Europe with fellow young adventurers. In this decade, Contiki has tours in Egypt, Russia, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Asia and North America. Their specialty is catering to the younger traveler, by offering a great blend of free time, sightseeing, adventure, culture, and socializing.

What to Expect on a Contiki Tours Europe

These wonderful tours are usually fast moving, action-packed, and wine and beer and cocktail tasting holidays. You will look forward to:

• Meeting other adventurers who are like-minded, which is always more fun. Everyone is eighteen to thirty-five and will enjoy themselves within the interactive and social situation whether on a Contiki budget tour, or other type. If you are going it solo, you’ll meet others and have a great deal of fun.
• These tours are inclusive of most of the costs. Sightseeing, airfares, the majority of meals, accommodations, and other arrangements are made for each person. What a hassle-free vacation it is. By having most of the expenses paid already, you’ll know how much of your Contiki budget you will have available for souvenirs etc.
• Get a guide who knows where they, and you, are going next! They’ll talk about the various stops and destinations and offer much insight into the area.
• All vital sites in your area of travel will be explored. Contiki knows what people are interested in.

Contiki Tours Europe Contiki Tours Europe Facts You Need to Know

This type of travel is not for everyone. Travel is by group and on a tight schedule and you stay in hotels that are more hostel-like than luxurious. If this is your style, then a Contiki tour is definitely for you! People seeking a soul mate or even someone to just socialize with, may have turned to dating sites, which can be dangerous if you aren’t aware of some pitfalls. Contiki tours are a definite solution to this as travel-mates are of the same age range. If you travel or hang out with people who are about the same age. then there’s better chance of meeting someone who is perfect for you.

Being Single and Loving Contiki Tours Europe

Singles can often have fun more than any other group of people. They are responsible only for themselves. This leads to a lot of excitement, freedom, and independence. Because of their limited responsibilities, they can launch themselves 100% into any holiday or experience. Europe offers both old world charm, and unique cities and things to see and do. People can rediscover their ancestry in Portugal, or Spain or one of those marvelous Eastern European countries, or perhaps a Scandinavian country such as Denmark or Norway.

The very best thing about Contiki Tours Europe, is the fact that because an experienced and dedicated staff are planning and arranging all of your main, normally time-consuming planning duties, it frees you up to the enjoyment and expectations of that fantastic Eur

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