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Christmas Cruise Are They Worth The Stress if You Are Single.

Going on a cruise is magical when you go on the right cruise with a good circle of friends OR going it on your own is all about picking the right time.

If you are a family and you need to travel in school holidays NOW is the time to go. Here you will meet other people with children.

Need to book early as there is a child age limit to each of the cruise lines so it’s very important to book and plan ahead. The advantage of this that the kids will be able to join in the kids club and chances are they will have such fun it will be hard to drag them away from their activities.

These cruises are very busy and noisy with the kids full of excitement about Christmas anyway so be sure to book cruises with a Sanctuary where there is an adults only chill out area where there is NO KIDS which was what I looked for 4 days into a 14 day cruise.

These Sanctuary areas have got their own pool and bar service where you can swan around on a day bed all day and truly this is bliss where there is no kids screaming or bombing you it’s a little oasis.


You may like I did go away with 3 different generations which was a little testing trying to please all family members who some liked to party all night and sleep all day to the oldies of the group that wanted to eat and retire early.

Going on a Christmas cruise is that people have an expectation in their mind what the day will be like and it’s a good idea to discuss this before the day as the teenagers will be in bed till lunchtime while you tap your toe waiting for them to arrive.


Pick the main meal on Christmas day to be dinner time have an early dinner so that the oldies in the group can get away and you have sighted the teenagers before they disappear.


What I found is that all get excited about going to shore and seeing how the other half is but when travelling in a large group again some will be up at sparrows some will be horribly late and some will miss the tour altogether!


Find a time that seems like it fits with the majority and if members of the family are not there GO! Already tell them that is what will happen and will either see you on board and have a drink at the back of the ship while you wave off the island you were just at OR see them at dinner.

Truly, if you do not have something in place like this it is like herding cats and you will miss out on seeing the island and then be grumpy and hold it against the ones you waited for who didn’t show.


OK the juicy stuff if you have not got kids and don’t want a noisy cruise then pick something that goes from around end of February on-wards. Check calendars so you know the port you are departing from and see when the school holidays run from – and avoid that time like the plague.

Pick either a group of friends or bonding work session and get ready for a time when you will get to try different activities that you probably have not ever tried before really put yourself out there you will pick up different things you probably would not either of had the time or interest in before let your hair down it’s a load of fun that will make you smile years from now.


Cruises are a place where you can lose yourself and not get involved or when you are on your own people who are in the same boat (excuse the pun) or just having a break you will never feel like a third wheel.

There are table settings where you can join other singles if preferred. The thing is to get out and mingle, if this is the first time in your “single status” through divorce or a death this is a little nerve wracking OR you may just like to have a break and you don’t want to mingle that is fine too everyone to their own.

This is your cruise you can make it what you want.