Christmas Cruise Aboard Radiance of the Seas

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radiance of the sea

A Christmas cruise is magical from the time that you get on board as everyone is in holiday mode and children are already excited about the thought of Santa arriving.  Don’t be put off if you are single and thinking of traveling over this type of cruise as I can vouch for it that there were plenty of singles traveling on their own both male and female of all age groups.

I am a bit of a Christmas cruise junky as you know if you have cooked for over 30 years of stuffing turkeys, cooking puddings, cleaning the house only to be trashed again while family members sit back eat drink and sleep while I was cleaning tell you the truth I was sick of being the bunny doing the lot!  But not anymore, I have a staff of 900 looking after my every whim! 🙂

Christmas Cruise planning

Christmas cruises are very popular so as soon as you get off one cruise you start planning the next as they only take so many children of different ages and once the children quota is filled you will not be able to get on at all.

If you book on board you will be offered good deals with the same cruise line trying to entice you to book with them. The deal will usually be cabin credit anywhere from $50-200 per cabin to spend on board.  Also I noticed too that the deposit was much lower than at a travel agent.  On the Radiance of the Seas they wanted only $50 deposit to secure the booking instead of $200-400 pp.

Where can the Christmas Cruise go to?

Christmas Cruise – Radiance of the SeasThe world is your oyster with this one and the options are endless.  You could fly somewhere and cruise back to where you got on or get off at another destination.  The beauty with this arrangement is that you could decide to stay longer at the place you get on or off and explore or you fly home.

For me I am Australia based and so far I have done all the surrounding pacific islands in 2009 – 2010, in 2011 we traveled to New Zealand and December 2012 we sailed to Airlie Beach and Brisbane.  The beauty of this Christmas cruise is it allowed my husband to get off the ship and see his daughter spend the day have lunch with her and then get on board.  Christmas day was spent at sea where we dined in Giovanni’s Italian restaurant eating way too much food of course and desperately looking for somewhere to lay our heads down in the afternoon.

We completed lunch at 3pm and had our table booked for 6pm and the disappointment on the head waiters face was like the mother in laws when you turn up to dinner and don’t feel like eating after she has spent all day preparing.  Regardless we met our lively gang of new friends and put on silly hats and laughed and toasted Christmas.

Traveling to the next location Cairns.  Cairns was excellent as the same deal here I got off and saw my daughter and grandchildren went on Kuranda Sky Rail and then had lunch at the local pub before sailing off into the wide ocean again sailing around the Whitsundays and heading towards Newcastle after spending a further 2 days at sea.  Newcastle was a small country town the last time I visited it and my has it grown.  I will never forget the welcome we got as people lined the shores to welcome Radiance of the Seas.  This was the biggest ship to come into their port and everyone was waving madly and tooting horns as we entered.

Christmas Cruise – Radiance of the SeasI spent the day with my new floatie friends and we shopped had coffee and enjoyed the sites.  That evening when we were to depart this was the last day onboard and we grabbed a bottle of Moet’ champagne and with our new found friends drank champagne and watched the sun go down.  The same excitement filled the air when we were to depart this time there were more people..all whistling waving or in boats trying to get a closer look at our ship.

As we left port we charged our glasses while the people on land flashed headlights as a wave to the Radiance of the Seas sailed by and out to sea to complete her journey in Sydney.

Friendships made on Christmas cruise.

Finally, I just wanted to add the friendships we made at sea will continue and already several emails have gone back and forth.  The next Christmas cruise our new found floatie friends will also be joining us once again to enjoy Christmas on the high seas.


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