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Celebrity Cruise Lines — Feel Like a Star!

Since the launch of Celebrity’s new program, Celebrity Life, many more opportunities have opened up for those social butterflies and adventurous singles who want to have a fabulous time aboard a luxurious ocean liner. Celebrity Cruise Lines wants to create lasting memories for their guests and are now offering many types of life-enhancing experiences, while you relax or have fun on board ship. These programs are based on palate pleasing dining programs, intellectually enriching experiences and wellness events that are life-enhancing. This is premium cruising at its very best.

Their new programs are called Discover, Renew and Savour. They’ve always offered the best vacation travel and now with the addition of these programs for singles, adventurers and others, the entire cruise experience is enhanced. These experiences will be remembered by the traveller for many years, due in part to Celebrity Cruise lines stellar staff and crew. With the program Savour, there are new wine enrichment events, tastings for spirits and mixology training, and many interactive programs for guests put on by the executive chef and his or her team. Program Discover lets guests try something new. They may have wanted to learn about the experience, but have never tried it before. They can learn how to order wine in Italian, or about the universe in forty minutes. Renew takes travellers into a new and more goal oriented approach to treatments, seminars and classes. They will end the journey looking younger, living longer and feeling better. Every Celebrity cruise offers sixty of these types of programs, so you will always have the chance to learn something new, or become healthier and happier.

A wealth of these enrichment activities are centred around Celebrity’s award winning and James Beard nominated chef, Jacques Van Staden. Some also involve their expansive wine and spirit selections, as well. Discover programs currently included 43 types, with iLearn available on Celebrity Eclipse, Celebrity Solstice and Celebrity Summit. This series offers dance instruction, language learning and mastering your PC — plus many more! There are thirty Renew programs to enrich your soul, mind and body. They include activities to make you feel better and much happier and content. All of these programs come besides the usual things you’d expect on a Celebrity Cruise.

There will be time to do whatever you would like to do, whenever you’d like to do it. Besides ports of call there is entertainment, mouth-watering food and drink, sports activities and intellectual stimulation, new friends to meet (or find quiet time for yourself), or events to plan as soon as you go down the gangplank or take the shuttle to shore. Half the fun of a luxury cruise like this is in the planning you may be doing as you sit at home and look out at some Wintery weather. Think of the Spring and Summer and the rock climbing and partying and river rafting and dancing you could be doing! Not all at the same time, of course.

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