Cruises for Singles – Girl to Girl Advice


There is a lot to get excited about going on cruises for singles whether you are going it alone so so empowering to do what you want and when you want to do it to the girl doing a little bit of healing from

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Single Cruise – What You Need To Know


Recently did sample cruise with a friend and I loved it. Its all in the time you go if you want to sail the high seas in holiday period be prepared for a lot of families, kids and elderly. I have not got anything against them as long as you know that the ship will be a little noisier than usual your saving

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Princess Cruise Line celebrates 50th anniversary


Princess Cruise Line celebrates 50th anniversaryPrincess Cruise Lines first launched in 1965 and their one ship (the Princess Patricia) made a maiden journey to Mexico. Now, 50 years later, the cruise has steadily grown to be the third largest passenger cruise line in the entire world.

They are known to take travelers to fascinating and amazing ports around the world. In addition to some new destinations, like Loreto and La Paz, you will be able to experience the same itinerary that the first cruise ship of this line experienced – Manzanilllo, Mazatlán and Puerto Vallarta.

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New Cruise Ships expected in 2015

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New Cruise Ships expected in 2015New Cruise Ships expected in 2015 - are you as excited as me when I hear about a new cruise ships coming to town. Its like a big build up and you know that it is coming and just can't wait to see what they have done. I suppose I am a little cruise groupy really!

The new year comes with exciting new cruising options, events and new ships to hit the open seas.

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Riverboat Cruising

Cruise for Singles updateSINGLES CRUISES

Riverboat CruisingCruising on a riverboat is certainly a wonderful experience, and yet it remains a mystery to many people. Today, we will provide you with some valuable facts regarding Riverboat Cruising.

When cruising, Americans are familiar with large ships, but a riverboat is considered a “boat” (a small enough vessel to be carried upon a ship). Simply, remember that a vessel specifically build for cruising rivers and lakes are referred to as boats. If you forget this little tidbit of information, don’t worry, it is just a “fun fact” that can be used as a conversation starter while enjoying drinks on the deck.

Another great fact (and unlike large cruise ships) is that riverboats calculate distance via regular miles (not nautical miles).

Once on a riverboat, you will find a master captain and

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Single Travel Adventures


Single Travel Adventures

There was a time, not so long ago, that single travel adventures were difficult to find.  It is no secret that some single travelers had a challenging time feeling comfortable on tours, with strangers, going off to faraway lands.  They were charged an extra fee, just for being single or you were forced to share a room with someone not even close to compatible (such as sleeping habits, smoking, or other habits that you might find intolerable). Instead of having a wonderful, once in a lifetime experience, you, as a solo travelerwould feel jilted by the quality of service and a lack of experience that was being offered to you.

Currently, single travelers are on the rise and it is predicted to be that 30% of all travelers before the year 2020 will be single.  These

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The Secrets of Single Travel


The Secrets of Single TravelOne of the most important secrets of single travel is to know the careless mistakes that can easily be made and how to avoid them.  The slight disadvantage to traveling alone is that you don’t have a “wingman”, someone to watch your back, a second set of eyes to help you navigate through an unfamiliar area.  This is usually not an issue to be concerned with, as long as you avoid some basic mistakes that a single traveler should avoid.

This one may be obvious, but avoid leaving a public area with a stranger or new acquaintance, no matter how charming they may appear.  A public forum is a much safer place to be because there are other people around and your protection factor increases.

Even familiar places can appear different in the evening hours, so as

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Are There Singles Cruises From Australia?


Singles CruisesAre there singles cruises from Australia?  The answer is most definitely! The singles market is growing at a fast rate and it is not only filled with the one age group it is filled with people of all ages.  When you are specifically want to know more about the singles on board the ship ask the question at the time of booking so you are aware of what is catered for on the cruise for singles and ensure that you will be cruising with an age group that you are compatible with.

Read the latest on Singles Cruises from Australia which will give you practical information and what to expect if you are going as a single or traveling with a group of singles.

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Sydney Harbour Cruise for Singles & Couples


Sydney Harbour Cruise for Singles & CouplesI have personally been on a Sydney Harbour Cruise a number of times; there is nothing more spectacular to impress guests visiting Sydney than to take them on a cruise of one of the most beautiful harbours in the world.

The cruise can be done a number of ways like for a special event like a family gathering, Christmas parties or a wedding like I went on recently where guests sipped champagne as we sailed around the harbour waving to sail boats that tried to keep up with us as we cruised along.

As a lovely backdrop the captain stopped the boat directly under the Sydney Harbour Bridge while the couple exchanged their vows to the hip hip hooray of the bridge climbers who stopped their climb to watch the ceremony.
Sydney Harbour Cruise - What is there to do?
A dinner

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Santa Cruise for Solo Traveller


Santa Cruise for Solo TravellerSanta Cruise for Solo Traveller is not all about brooding at home and watching re-runs of movies that you have seen at least half a dozen times before.  It is not all about staying in bed and  sleeping through Christmas day, it is all about getting out and seeing places that you have only dreamed about before.

Read the new article about Christmas Cruise for Solo Travellers and see if it will tempt you into action to book a cruise and have some fun!


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