Europe River Cruise

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Europe River CruiseHow many times have you looked at a brochure with a picture of a cruise the rivers of Europe and thought this looks great I can see myself doing this and for some reason you don't follow through and do something about it. Now it is time to get all the facts and then do something about it. Read the helpful information and make your decision.

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Contiki Tours Europe

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Contiki Tours EuropeContiki tours Europe has been in operation since 1962, so they have decades of experience catering to the eighteen to thirty-five year old traveler. Started by a New Zealander who arrived in Europe alone, he had the bright idea of renting a mini-van and then touring around Europe with fellow young adventurers. In this decade, Contiki has tours in Egypt, Russia, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Asia and North America. Their specialty is catering to the younger traveler, by offering a great blend of free time, sightseeing, adventure, culture, and socializing.

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