Disabled Travel – What You Need To Know


disabled travelWhen you first look into disabled travel you can really be put off with the red tape some insurance companies make you jump through before they will insure you.  For me it was a real eye opener when I was first trying to organise my nephew who has been a paraplegic for about 10 years since he was 16 years old and has never traveled before as he thought it was all a little too hard.

I have to admit though I first thought this way too when I started to first ask questions on his travel.  Obviously it needed to be "easy" and without drama as this I found can stress a wheelchair bound traveler who doesn't want to stick out like a sore thumb and make a fuss.  This was my nephews words when I first started to look into his travel.
Disabled Travel Tips:

The first thing I

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Things You Don’t Know About Your Cruise Ship Cabins


Things You Don't Know About Your Cruise Ship CabinPersonally, I love cruise ships and all that they offer, especially the cabin space which becomes your little sanctuary away from activities where you can have an afternoon siesta.  I am sure that there are a few things about your cruise ship cabins that you were not aware of, for example, did you know that the walls and doors are magnetic?  Honestly, I didn’t.

It so happens, that even if the walls don’t feel or look like they are metallic or magnetic, they are.
What I learnt from my cruise ship cabins:
Before I talk abut the cruise ship cabins I just want to point out that the cabin boy that looks after all of your whims and keeps your cabin spic and span should always be looked after in the way of a tip early on in your cruise.  This way you are assured to be

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Christmas Cruise Aboard Radiance of the Seas

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radiance of the seaA Christmas cruise is magical from the time that you get on board as everyone is in holiday mode and children are already excited about the thought of Santa arriving.  Don't be put off if you are single and thinking of traveling over this type of cruise as I can vouch for it that there were plenty of singles traveling on their own both male and female of all age groups.

I am a bit of a Christmas cruise junky as you know if you have cooked for over 30 years of stuffing turkeys, cooking puddings, cleaning the house only to be trashed again while family members sit back eat drink and sleep while I was cleaning tell you the truth I was sick of being the bunny doing the lot!  But not anymore, I have a staff of 900 looking after my every whim! :)
Christmas Cruise

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Travel Single-Wine Tasting Tips

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Wine tastingWine tasting tips for the single traveler
Wine tasting can be one of the delightful pleasures of your traveling experience.  Today we want to offer some wine tasting tips for the single traveler.

Have a snack before you embark on your wine tasting experience, something in your tummy will help absorb the alcohol and make the entire experience more pleasurable.  Another option would be to pack yourself a picnic lunch as most wineries will sell you a bottle (or two) of your favorite wine and allow you to dine in their vineyard (perhaps with a new friend you have also made during this time).

Remember to take another bottle (or two) home with you to share with your friends and relive the experience.

Since you are solo for this trip and will not have a personal

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How Does A Cancun Vacation Sound?

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Cancun vacationAround this time of year a Cancun vacation in Mexico fills our mind with warm weather fun with loads of activities to do and the big decider is do you go it alone on a singles cruise or do you surround yourself with family?  Sometimes it is difficult to have quality time with everyone and a cruise is the ideal time to reconnect and relax at the same time.

Read the latest article on a Cancun vacation and flip the coin to see what there is to do and more importantly when are you going!





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Feel Like an All Inclusive Italian Vacation?

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all inclusive Italian vacationNothing beats an all inclusive Italian vacation, all the things that you thought you wanted to see, the food you wanted to taste and all the little Villas you wanted to stay in are all catered for in the one price by having and all inclusive Italian Vacation.

There is no worry if you have to get from A-B this is all inclusive. This will be the trip that you have planned in your mind all coming into fruition. And you have a few days up your sleeve to enjoy authentic Italian cooking classes with a few of the other singles that you have met on your holiday.

Read up on the places that are suggested to whet your appetite when you want to plan your all inclusive Italian vacation.

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Dance Classes for the Dateless

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Dance ClassesHave ever thought about dance classes as a way of getting out and meeting people? Not only is it great exercise and gives you further social graces it is one of the best ways that singles can link up with each other. It really doesn't matter if you have 2 left feet there will be classes to take you through A-Z and you will gradually pick things up.

One of the best things I think is that if you start going to dance classes quiet a few classes have socials too so that you can practice your new moves.

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Travel Tips for Disabled Travel

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Disabled TravelFor the able body person there would be little need to look up disabled travel, but you may have someone that  perhaps needs a little bit of encouragement to get out and start living life to the fullest.  At times you may think that it is too hard but with a little bit of research on the wonderful world on the internet, information if plentiful.  Even though I have a disabled husband I am always looking for hints and tips to enable me to have seamless travel.  Cruises are what we like to do but we do travel by plane on occasions and love that I found something out only today.

Read more on Disabled Travel on the new article that went up today.

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Best Alaska Cruises 2012

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Alaska CruisesThis year I have already booked Alaska Cruises 2012 as I know that the season to travel to this unique port is only through the summer months. Knowing this I also am aware that the cruises book out nearly as quick as they are advertised.

Read the latest information on Alaska Cruises 2012 so you will know why this cruise is so popular!

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Vacation Discounts For Military

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military vacation discountsWe all like discounts but I think all agree that our armed forces that are returning from a tour of duty should get military vacation discounts offered as a way to wind down and get to spend quality time with their families on a well deserved holiday. Read further information on this site.

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