Exciting New Cruise Ship Itineraries for 2018


Craving to sail the world and be served with spectacular scenery and superb cruise ship experience? Plan your biggest getaway this year as we share some exciting new itineraries that you can try out for your next adventure.

Here are 4 cruise ships which can bring you to different parts of the world you intend to travel to in 2018.


Azamara ships - Azamara Journey and Azamara Quest - take pride in offering a delightful ambiance that combines luxury and destination immersive cruising.

Azamara Journey will embark on a 102-day global voyage from Sydney to London, letting passengers visit famous destinations such as Sydney Opera House and London’s Tower Bridge this 2018.

Azamara Quest is also offering a series of Caribbean voyages

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Simple Ways to Beat Sea Sickness on a Cruise


With sea sickness sometimes a few things that you can do to help prevent sea sickness before it starts, many people can talk themselves into feeling ill in the first place but I want to say due to the large ships

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Drink Heaps of Water on Cruise For Singles

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Without sounding like an old fuddy duddy you really need to look at the fluids that you are taking in when you are on your cruise. And no the mudslide cocktail and or the beer are not going to hydrate you one bit

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Cruises for Singles – Girl to Girl Advice


There is a lot to get excited about going on cruises for singles whether you are going it alone so so empowering to do what you want and when you want to do it to the girl doing a little bit of healing from

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Single Cruise – What You Need To Know


Recently did sample cruise with a friend and I loved it. Its all in the time you go if you want to sail the high seas in holiday period be prepared for a lot of families, kids and elderly. I have not got anything against them as long as you know that the ship will be a little noisier than usual your saving

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Stay healthy and well during your cruise vacation


stay healthy during your cruise vacationIt is possible to become ill on vacation and nobody wants that, so below we have outlines a few easy tips on how to stay healthy during your cruise vacation. Of course, sometimes illness are unavoidable, but the risk can be reduced by staying hydrated, easing feelings of seasickness, jet lag and hangovers, so you can enjoy your cruising experience totally healthy and happy.

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Allure of the Seas – May 2015

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The Allure of the Seas is a cruise ship by Royal Caribbean and it hold 6,296 passengers as well as 2,384 members of the crew.

Starting in May of 2015, this majestic ship will be sailing from Barcelona Spain to major ports in Italy, France and Majorca.

This cruising experience is perfect for individuals who want to brag that they sailed on the largest ship in the entire world in addition to the nonstop nightlife and huge variety of dining and entrainment options.

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Flight Voucher Bookings Review


Flight Voucher Bookings ReviewI recently had some promotional advertising and was given Flight Voucher Bookings for booking with this agency, all sounded good but the old saying “if it sounds too good to be true it is!”  I thought I would give the travel vouchers a go to give them a test drive myself before gifting them to customers and this is my experience.
Flight Voucher Bookings:
I called the travel agency to make a general inquiry about using the travel vouchers and was told that all contact needs to be by email – no worries I thought and I started to fill out my request for a booking in June and also a further cruise in December.

The flight voucher bookings were already filled in with ship name, cruise number and obviously date and preferred cabin type.  When I addressed the email I

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Disabled Travel – What You Need To Know


disabled travelWhen you first look into disabled travel you can really be put off with the red tape some insurance companies make you jump through before they will insure you.  For me it was a real eye opener when I was first trying to organise my nephew who has been a paraplegic for about 10 years since he was 16 years old and has never traveled before as he thought it was all a little too hard.

I have to admit though I first thought this way too when I started to first ask questions on his travel.  Obviously it needed to be "easy" and without drama as this I found can stress a wheelchair bound traveler who doesn't want to stick out like a sore thumb and make a fuss.  This was my nephews words when I first started to look into his travel.
Disabled Travel Tips:

The first thing I

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Things You Don’t Know About Your Cruise Ship Cabins


Things You Don't Know About Your Cruise Ship CabinPersonally, I love cruise ships and all that they offer, especially the cabin space which becomes your little sanctuary away from activities where you can have an afternoon siesta.  I am sure that there are a few things about your cruise ship cabins that you were not aware of, for example, did you know that the walls and doors are magnetic?  Honestly, I didn’t.

It so happens, that even if the walls don’t feel or look like they are metallic or magnetic, they are.
What I learnt from my cruise ship cabins:
Before I talk abut the cruise ship cabins I just want to point out that the cabin boy that looks after all of your whims and keeps your cabin spic and span should always be looked after in the way of a tip early on in your cruise.  This way you are assured to be

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