Carnival Cruise Liner – Repair Delays Departure

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Carnival Cruise Liner

Carnival cruise liner is not going anywhere fast due to the repairs that are taking longer than expected to  repair the ships propulsion shafts.  And I know that people are angry and upset with the Carnival cruise liner “Slendor” but I think we should all take a deep breath and thank God that the ship is being repaired in dry dock rather than to get to the middle of no where and break down.

Emotions run high as people’s plans are dashed – but we really do need to get a grip and think of “what if” it did happen out in the deep blue sea.  Can you imagine how people would scream then?

Carnival cruise liner – will compensate:

Passengers scheduled to embark on the January 13 cruise received e-mails today notifying them of the change and mentions that Carnival cruise liner will compensate Dori Saltzman, Cruise Critic writes….

“On the previous cruise, the Carnival Splendor required necessary repairs on the seals of the ship’s propulsion shafts as a result of damage caused by underwater fishing nets… Unfortunately, the repairs are taking longer than expected and the ship will need to remain in Puerto Vallarta until this afternoon.”

The originally scheduled six-night cruise will be shortened by one day and the port call to Puerto Vallarta has been canceled. The new itinerary will be: Los Angeles departure (4:30 p.m.), day at sea, two days in Cabo San Lucas; day at sea; return to Los Angeles (9 a.m.).

Affected cruisers will receive a one-day prorated refund of the cruise fare, $50 per person onboard credit, refund of the difference in government fees and taxes, gratuity adjustment, refund for shore excursions purchased for Puerto Vallarta and up to $200 reimbursement for fees related to air changes.”

“Passengers may also cancel if they wish for a full refund or may switch to another sail date.”

Carnival Cruise Liner – shows safety first

Carnival Cruise Liner Recently I arrived to take a flight to San Diego and found that the line to check in went for ages and thought this was strange given that I had given plenty of time to check in.  While I was in the line airport staff were informing passengers that the flight was cancelled.

I watched while passengers abused, demanded and were out and out rude to airline ground staff and thought what would these passengers want would they prefer that that plane that needed maintenance take off and gamble with their lives that it would get to their final destination?  I think not – take all the time that you want to fix and maintain your ships, planes and other transport to get where you are going safe and sound is the main thing!

Kudos given to the Carnival cruise liner Splendor for thinking safety first – what do you think?


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