Best Ships for Cruisers with Disabilities

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Individuals with disabilities, who wish to take a cruise, think about things that other cruisers may never consider.  Even though all cruise ships should be compliant with ADA (American Disability Act), there is no standard that is set forth for cruise ships.  Thankfully, each individual cruise line wants to make a vacation on the high seas an enjoyable vacation for everyone, and they consider their disabled guests, and try to make accommodations easy and comfortable.

Royal Caribbean offers extra-large staterooms that easily allow for wheelchair mobility.  Other accommodations include: lifts at the pool, lower tables at the casino and wheelchair spaces for the movie theater.

In addition, this cruise line has interpreters for the hearing impaired, and also closed-captioned TV capability.  Braille menus are available, as well as elevator buttons and important signs are posted around the ship, for visually impaired individuals to easily maneuver onboard.

Disney Cruise Lines adhere to the belief that every child, regardless of a disability, should be able to participate in programming designed for children.  Disney has experienced counselors that are trained to work with children with special needs, including autism.

Also, some Disney ships have extra-wide bathroom doors, grab bars and roll in showers.  The theater is equipped with wheelchair accessibility and hearing aid devices.  You can also find braille bingo cards, so the whole family can play this fun and engaging game.

Holland America is a cruise line that is known to accommodate a more mature crowd, and with keeping with this line of clientele, the ship is equipped with hearing aids and specialized computer software, which allows tiny phone text messages to be read in large print in the Internet Cruise Café.  This cruise line has partnered with “special needs at seas”, to provide special equipment to cruisers, as the need arises.

Princess Cruise lines have long been known to accommodate passengers that have a disability.  In addition to hand-held showerheads, secure handrails, and lower sinks – there is also a distress alarm within reach.  Elevator floors are brailed, as well as audible, to accommodate both the hearing-impaired and visually-impaired passengers.  Television is closed-captioned, and there are books on tape available in the cruise ship library.

Final Word

A physical disability should not prevent someone from enjoying a cruising experience, in fact, thanks to all the special features that are already in place, cruising may become one of your favorite vacations.