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Best International Sim CardBest International Sim Card

Searching for the Best International Sim Card?  Well if you are not you should be if you don’t want to get home and be greeted with a mobile phone bill that is on comparison to the national debt!

Perhaps you have not read the horror stories of people for instance like the guy that travelled to New Zealand and used his iPhone to take a 20 minute business call and replied to a few emails his normal bill was $100 but the business trip bill was $780 he worked out that the 20 minute call alone cost $180.

The stories continue with another traveler who forgot to turn off the data roaming for 8 days on a cruise and he was greeted with a $2000 phone bill when he got home.

There is another guy who got a $4000 bill for making 10-12 calls, answering a few calls and then a little bit of surfing the net while overseas.

Whether it is global roaming, prepaid SIM cards, data roaming, international calling cards there is a land mine of information out there and some serious misunderstanding by most of the travelling community.

While reading a recent article by Scott Podmore he asked the question of

“Where do you find the best deals and gain a better understanding if it all?

Firstly, there are several prepaid SIM card deals to explore and Jetstar is the latest to spread its wings into the telecommunication arena with its new Jetstar Global SIM, a product that aims to help travelers save on international calls.”

Best International Sim CardJetstar has made the concept simple for all of us non techy people all that is needed is buy a SIM card upfront online and place it in your mobile just before you leave and be assured in the knowledge you will be making only cheap calls and receiving calls for free in over 70 countries.

Jetstar chief commercial officer David Koczkar says the prepaid SIM card concept is a simple solution to “stay in touch for less” while on holidays.  “It’s prepaid, so people can set a holiday budget for their mobile phones and stick to it with confidence.” he says.  “If you want to top up the prepaid credit while you’re away, you can via the Jetstar website from anywhere in the world.

“Compared with the major carriers, the Jetstar Global SIM offers free incoming calls and texts.  And if you want to make a call, or check your emails on your mobile, you have access to really cheap rates.

There are other options available and it really depends on what country you are visiting the length of time of your stay and with whom you will be contacting while you are away.  For instance if your stay will be lengthy it is worth a look at buying a SIM card from an operator in that country, this is considerably cheaper especially if you are in contact with friends in that country.  This will always be cheaper as you are charged at the domestic rate.

If the trip is for a shorter time check the deals of your own operator in the country you are living in, as these can be competitive.

Other tips – Best International Sim Card:

Make use of hotels that have free Wi-Fi or café’s on the street when you order a coffee you can surf for free.

Look at pre-paid SIM card packages such as, Telstra’s Global SIM cards or

Remember to turn off you data roaming as that is what costs big bucks when you are away.

Really consider turning off you voicemail as well as you may be charged a ridiculously expensive amount of money for people to leave you messages.

Lastly, why not when you are on holidays leave your Smartphone at home and really have time to unwind.  There are plenty of Internet café’s to send of an email of wish you were here type of messages that replaces the postcard.

Have time to live the moment on your cruise or holiday to experience everything and when you get home there will be much more to tell your friends and love ones.



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