Best Fitness Cruises to Keep You in Shape

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Best Fitness Cruises to keep you in shape! There are some people hate to really get out of routine when they are away from home so I thought I would give a few hints and tips that will span different age groups so hopefully have covered many groups!

Let’s face it though there are fitness buffs, health conscious travelers and people that love to dance would enjoy cruising, as a great cruise is not just for eating and lying in the sun. It is not a requirement a gain weight during a voyage, in fact it is even possible to lose weight during a cruise adventure.

One of the best fitness cruises are the ones that take you away from inside a gym and to try something new that perhaps you will like and want to continue once you have recovered from your cruise that is. 🙂

Many cruise ships are offering a wide variety of fitness options and cutting edge workouts, like TRX suspension training and Kinesis Wall. Also, you can easily find spin classes, tai chi, Zumba and Pilate’s workouts.

Before you review the best fitness cruises to meet your fitness needs, here are a few general tips to keep in mind:

  1. Try to go to the fitness centers during non-peak hours when it is less crowed. Early evening and early mornings are noted to be the most crowded times and you may have to wait your turn.
  2. Some specialty exercise classes may have an extra fee attached and prior sign up may be necessary. Work at your own pace to avoid injury.
  3. Remember, the gym is relative to the ships size, so a smaller ship will have a smaller gym facility.
  4. Shore excursions are great way to get some physical activity, by biking, hiking, walking and kayaking.
  5. Themed cruises are great for fitness, a cruise specific to golfers and runners for example. A dance themed cruise is also a great way to stay fit.


Best Fitness Cruises

Best Onboard Gym

The Royal Caribbean cruise line has some of the best onboard gyms, and some of them have fitness centers that are near 10,000 square feet and filled with state of the art exercise equipment. Group classes include yoga, step aerobics, tai chi, Pilates, cycling and boot camp. In addition, there is a full size boxing ring that is equipped with jump ropes, speed bags, heavy bags and of course padded mitts.

Best Luxury Workout

The Seabourn’s Odyssey, Sojourn and Quest are cruise ships that have Kinesis walls that four guests that use at the same time. This unique technology uses a series of cables and pulleys that increases flexibility to help create better muscle tone in a fashion that is gentler than traditional methods. There are private sessions also available to passengers.

The Quest and the Sojourn offer passengers a Kneipp Walk Pool which is a round shallow pool that is warm and cold. As you walk around this special pool, the combination temperature variation is known to improve circulation, cleanse the body of toxins and reduce stress.

After a great workout, enjoy an Experience Shower that will rejuvenate your mind and body through a series of sensory adjustments.


Best Fitness Cruises to Keep You in Shape

Most Innovative Fitness Options

The spa and fitness facility found aboard the Ventura is not only above average, but it is fun to workout. They offer Tixter bikes, which is the latest technology in indoor cycling.

An endless pool will have swimmers loving the workout they will get when they swim against the current.

The Royal Caribbean cruise lines not only is the only line with an ice skating rink, but they offer body boarding and surfing in the FlowRider pool.

Best for Cyclists

Thomson Cruise Lines have their own touring and mountain bikes onboard and for this reason it is the best cruise for cycle lovers. There are four to five hour onshore bike tours with breaks that you can enjoy the views and take pictures. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice, an enthusiastic or a very experienced cyclist, there will be a biking excursion for you as you sail with Thomson Cruise lines.

Best Fitness cruises for Active Seniors

The Holland America Line, which offers free tai chi, yoga and water aerobics classes are great low impact and effective workouts that are perfect to keep muscles tone and increase balance. In addition there are tons of space around the deck to engage in a brisk walk or leisurely stroll.

The Cunard is another cruise line that is great for senior actives as they are devoted to ballroom dancing. The tango, waltz and samba are taught by professionals during the day and in the evening, passengers can practice their dance moves at the Royal Nights ballroom settings.

Glad I have shared the best fitness cruises with my loyal readers – my wish is that you have an awesome time with lots of laughs and meet many that you will keep in touch with once you get home.