Best Cruise Discounts

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There was a time that booking a cruise vacation was simple, but with the industry growth and the many options and prices to choose from, it can now become a very overwhelming decision, especially when you want to find the best cruise discounts. Below there are some few tips that may help you to find the best cruise vacation deals for your budget.

Ride the Wave

The months of January through March are the busiest for cruise lines and this is when they make most of their booking sales. This is also the time period that they offer great deals and deep discounts to entice passengers to book their vacation.

Be Flexible, if possible, due to the fact that many cruises still have a cabin or two open prior to sailing and they are willing to offer deep discounts to have these staterooms filled. These types of deals can be found days to months prior to sailing.

Best Cruise DiscountsCall the cruise line directly

When you call the cruise line, tell them the type of stateroom you would like and how many people are in your group with ages as well as if you are member of the armed forces as this type of information may qualify you for discounts that are otherwise not mentioned to the general public.

Cruise off season

It is possible to snag a great deal during non-peak seasons. For instance, a cruise to Alaska is cheaper when the weather gets cooler. Caribbean cruises offer enticing deals when school is in session.

Check the newspapers

Sunday newspapers, especially areas that are near ports, like Miami or Port Canaveral, are an excellent resource to find amazing cruising deals. The Dallas Morning News or the Houston Chronicle are great if you are looking to cruise out of Galveston.

Speak to a travel agent and tell them exactly what you are interested in and that you are looking for the best deal. Although there may be a small non-refundable fee with working with a travel agent, they can be very useful in finding excellent discounts and vacation packages.

Be loyal

If you cruise the same line often, then you maybe entitled to special perks and upgrades that are exclusive to loyal cruise line travelers.

Final Word

If you come across a deal that fits your lifestyle and budget, book it quickly as the window of opportunity is usually very limited.

A word of caution, when you find a discount, ensure that you are not giving up another type of perk that would normally be included in the price. It will not be a great deal if you are saving money but losing some of the standard extras associated with the regular package deal.