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Acadia Cruise Ship has just revealed a cruise that will appeal to people that are not wanting to travel with children the cruise that has just been advertised and I know it is already creating a lot of interest. It will commence its 3 week journey to Singapore on 13 February 2011 boarding at Sydney and then making the first stop at Brisbane, the Whitsundays, Cairns, Hong Kong, Halong Bay, Hanoi, Bangkok, Ko Samui and finally Singapore.

The ship will then continue with its round-the-world cruise. There will be plenty to do on board the Acadia Cruise Ship while you sample the delights of award winning restaurants while you walk around the decks you might also admire over 3000 pieces of British art work that adorn the walls and corridors of the ship.

There is also a state of the art 3 level theatre for you to be entertained by various 5 star performers. The glass lifts you will marvel at as you get a bird’s eye view looking across the ocean. These cruise ships are a pure indulgence; nothing has been spared to totally spoil you.

And if you want not to swim or go into the spa you will be able to find many quiet corners of the ship to relax and read that book that you have been meaning to catch up on. To me this cruise would be ideal way to travel and I would be totally relaxed and ready to shop once I go to either Hong Kong or Singapore.

These cruise ships, in comparison to the cruise I went on at Christmas time where it was loaded with children, I should of known better but thought I would enjoy getting away from all of the hype that goes on with the lead up to Christmas but I was definitely under prepared to the hordes of kids in the pool, they then spilled over into what was declared an adult only environment in the spa.

arcardia - foodBut this was not monitored and soon they outnumbered the adults. Then the lifts were used to race one another leaving people waiting for lifts that didn’t arrive. Live and learn I suppose I will definitely look for cruises that advertise “child free” especially when I want to be spoilt.

As the news has already spread about the first leg of the around-the-world cruise being “child free” I would expect that this cruise will be a sell out, from others like myself that only want to kick back and do a little or a lot depending how I feel on that particular day. I really think this is a huge selling point and would appeal to people that just want to enjoy the solo cruise experience, or want to try the award winning restaurants without a child throwing a tantrum in the next table. And to swim laps without getting punched or kicked by kids playing tag in the pool.

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