Antarctic Cruises 2012

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Antarctic Cruises 2012, are you packed yet?

Due to its mysterious and vast nature, Antarctica – located at the bottom of the world – is like no other place on Earth, and Antarctic Cruises 2012 are there to take you to this trip of a lifetime. This land of glittering ice, majestic peaks and dazzling beauty is the only continent with no indigenous population. Cruising to Antarctic is one of the best adventures you will ever go to and there are a number of cruises available.

There are many articles written but I liked clean cruising who went on to say: “Travel to Antarctica is from late November to early March. Ships with Zodiacs are Prince Albert II (to Antarctic Peninsula out of Ushuaia in Argentina) and Orion (to Commonwealth Bay out of Tasmania, Australia). Prince Albert II offers three voyages out of Ushuaia around December 2011. Azamara Journey sails a 16-night return trip out of Buenos Aires in January 2012. These vessels spend three or four nights at the Antarctic Peninsula. Holland, America Line’s vessels, Prinsendam and Veendam visit Antarctica as part of grander cruises visiting many ports around South America.”

Antarctic Cruises 2012 I agree with what the author has say and it is very true as most expeditions to Antarctica take place during the southern summer, between November and March. Some of the luxury expedition ships with ice-strengthened hulls; offering Five-Star accommodations and amenities include Corinthian II, Silver Explorer and Le Boreal. Other expedition-style ships with ice-strengthened hulls; comfortable, safe, small-group passenger travel are Ushuaia, MV Ocean Nova and Ortelius.  There are many more cruise lines that do Antarctic Cruises you just need to find the one that will suit your budget and your departing port.

What can you see on Antarctic Cruises 2012?

“The majority of cruises here are provided by smaller specialty ships that allow passengers to disembark onto the Antarctic islands and the continent itself. These ships tend to be sturdy expedition style ships and do not offer all the extras associated with modern cruise ships.

These cruises are dedicated to the experience and feature experts in the region and the wild life who give lectures and lead shore excursions. Visits to the Islands are usually by Zodiac inflatables. The contrasts in temperature are striking as summer in the Falklands and Ushuaia can sometimes be quite warm, while summertime in Antarctica hovers at the freezing mark.”  Cruise About captured what there is to do and more depending on the length of your stay will determine how much you can actually see and do.

There is no point I have found to cram in everything you have ever wanted to do into a short time frame, as you will not have enough time to drink in the utter beauty of the place.

Plan what excursion you want when you book Antarctic Cruises 2012.

Antarctic Cruises 2012The booking is the most important part to do first and then start to research by surfing the net and look for feedback by cruise critic of people who have actually done the tours your planning to do.  Even though national geographic expeditions have said, “You will view magnificent mountains, towering icebergs, and ice formations that make up the dramatic Antarctic landscape. Cruise aboard sturdy Zodiac landing craft in search of leopard seals. Kayak in protected waters, paddling around icebergs as penguins swim nearby.

Walk on shore amid thousands of penguins, including gentoo, Adélie, and chinstrap. Explore the world’s last great wilderness in the company of a team of top naturalists.”  It is only one persons view of the experience that they had balance this off with 2 other reviews to see if they are matched up.

True to this, there are many varieties of penguins and seals as well as a huge number of bird species that can be seen during your visit. Watching whales is a great bonus. Whether you come face-to-face with a polar bear on an Arctic cruise; or find yourself surrounded by hundreds of nesting penguins on an Antarctica cruise, the Antarctic cruises allow all expeditions, including your onshore Antarctic tours, to be individual and unique experience.

As the season for the cruises are short don’t delay and plan as soon as possible to go on an Antarctic Cruises 2012 since they are only between November and March, and most trips only take about 10 days to 3 weeks and most cruises fill up quickly.

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