7 Year Old Cold Case Cruise Ship Murder Ends in Arrest In Florida

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7 Year Old Cold Case Cruise Ship Murder Ends in Arrest In Florida

Isn’t it amazing to think that a 7 Year Old Cold Case Cruise Ship Murder Ends in Arrest In Florida?  Forensic science is fantastic to think how people that came to their grisly end somehow thinking that these poor individuals have the final say years down the track.

Even rapes and murders can be pinned to someone that has probably thought that they have got away with crime after so many years.  But it is hats off to the detectives that have a small thread of evidence and keep going through what people have called a cold case.

This is why I thought the story intriguing that after this many years and a new life that has been built with a new wife and then to be faced with a murder charge all of the years later.  To see the look on a persons face when they come to the realisation that “7 Year Old Cold Case Cruise Ship Murder Ends in Arrest In Florida”

Here is the story by by Jamey Bergman, U.K. in part which grabbed my attention tonight as I was sipping my lemon tea with honey this evening.

“A man who is accused of strangling his ex-wife and throwing her body overboard from cruise ship Island Escape has been arrested nearly seven years after the alleged incident took place.

According to the Associated Press, Lonnie Kocontes was arrested in Pinellas County, Florida, on Friday (Feb. 15), and charged with one count of “special circumstances murder for financial gain.”

Kocontes’ ex-wife, Micki Kanesaki, was last seen alive at 11 p.m. on May 25, 2006, onboard Island Escape. Kocontes reported her missing to ship staff the following morning and eventually flew back to California, where the divorced couple had shared a home.

Kanesaki’s body was recovered from the Mediterranean the day after her disappearance (May 27) near Messina, Italy. An Italian autopsy concluded Kanesaki had likely been strangled to death.

Although Kocontes denied any involvement in Kanesaki’s disappearance and death, according to Southern California’s City News Service, a criminal probe into Kocontes’ finances began in 2008. The investigation was reportedly begun after Kocontes attempted to transfer more than $1 million from Kanesaki’s bank accounts into joint accounts in Florida that he held with his new wife.

Subsequently, both federal and state prosecutors began reviewing the circumstances surrounding Kanesaki’s death in 2010. Ultimately, the murder charge against Kocontes was filed February 13, 2013, in Orange County, California.

Kocontes is being held without bail in Florida, where he currently resides. He is likely to be extradited and tried in southern California, where he would face a minimum sentence of life in state prison without the possibility of parole and would be eligible for the death penalty if convicted, according to the AP.

At the time of Kanesaki’s death, Island Cruises, a British cruise line partly owned by Royal Caribbean, owned Island Escape. In 2008, Royal Caribbean sold its share of the line to TUI Travel, PLC — the parent company of Thomson Cruises, who now manage the ship. Cruise Critic has contacted Thomson Cruises for a statement.

What do you think ran through the persons mind when the detectives knocked on his front door?  In my minds eye I can nearly see total look of shock and one of disbelief.  Wonder what the new wife thought did she have any idea that she was married to a murderer?

This 7 Year Old Cold Case Cruise Ship Murder Ends in Arrest In Florida is better than any murder mystery that graces our screen, I will watch with interest the outcome in court…What do you think are you blown away with science today?  Love to know…