3 Day Sampler Cruise Revives That Lovin Feeling

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3 Day Sampler Cruise

OK hands up if you have been on a 3 day sampler cruise…just what I thought hardly anyone but how many times have you thought that one day it will be me sailing away from the harbour and out to the wide open ocean to somewhere warm and tropical.

But I can nearly bet that the special someone that you wanted to go away with has some hesitation as they say that they will get sea sick or I hate the thought of being in that little closed off cabin day in and day out.  And even though you have done your best to try and convince them it has always been met with a negative.  Sound familiar?

How a 3 day sampler cruise got the twinkle in his eye back.

Well I am going to tell you something that will get them excited about going on a cruise and this will cut off all of the negative Nellie’s and Neville’s comments.

3 day sampler cruise is the answer.  Why you say?  It is because it will give the people that are closest to you an idea what life is like on board a luxury ship.  For me I have celebration birthdays on board for milestone birthdays for those that have put off cruising for virtually a life time  I can guess without a hesitation that they will be sold on a 3 day sampler cruise.  This trip will pave the way for other longer trips due to the wonderful experience that they have had cruising.

Let’s face it life gets busy and for those that have kids the personal time that you have with your partner is very limited and you could easily put the relationship on hold as the children take first priority.. But with a 3 day cruise the options for baby sitters is an easy one with Grandparents on tap and tripping over one an another to mind the kids.

Well I bite the bullet, had the Grandparents lined up before I booked the cruise and for me I really think that a cruise is such good value.  Where else could you go and have 3 meals per day and if you are the grazing type you virtually can eat 24 hours a day!  The one price covers your cabin, all meals and entertainment.

The plan to get on the 3 day sampler cruise:

3 Day Sampler CruiseOk back to my plan, my partner was told to meet me in town around 12.30 pm as I had a surprise for him.  Little did he know that I had already had our bags checked in and that I had been into our cabin to check it out.

What I did is that I met my husband across the road from where the ship was docked and waited for him to show.  He had that worried look like bracing himself for bad news, we sipped our coffee and I mentioned what a huge ship it was and he agreed.  He was pushing me for more information and why all the secrecy when I said what I had to tell him could wait until we were on board.

The look on his face was priceless, he started to say something about work which I had already organised for him to have the time off.  And then what about the kids?  He looked at me and said “you have had this planned for weeks haven’t you?”

When we got on board he commented that the ship was beautiful and so big!  We took our time to walk around and went to the top deck and took a sip from our champagne as we pulled away from dock.  Already I could feel the cruise doing “us” some good.

We dressed for dinner and had this outside on one of the decks watching the sun go down we toasted what an awesome time we were having.  The 3 day sampler cruise allowed us to reconnect and finally after the 3 days had him come to me and ask “when are we going to go on our next cruise?”